What are the Things to Know about Drug Abuse?

A first heroin high is like, well…a first heroin high. I have heard plenty of metaphors over the years, but the truth is there’s just nothing like the thing itself, no metaphor or analogy that could ever begin to capture the enormity of that first high. A first heroin high is like a first heroin high. And anyone who tries to spin it otherwise just doesn’t get it.

The thing about drug abuse…the problem with drug abuse, I guess…is that you can’t ever get enough. I was hooked on heroin for three years, and in that time I was always trying to get back: back to that first time, back to the promise of the way it felt. A first heroin high, unfortunately, is a thing that can’t be replicated; no matter how hard you chase it…or how much you use…its never enough.

That’s what drug abuse is. That’s how drug addiction works. And believe me: Its a bad spot to be in.

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