Something was wrong with me once-Untold Story

Have you ever had addiction treatment? Trust me, you’d know if you had. And there’s nothing wrong with having had addiction treatment because I once had it and nothing is wrong with. Something was wrong with me once, but I took care of that. Oh yeah, I went to addiction treatment and it changed my life. I once was a guy who was addicted to drugs and then I enrolled in addiction treatment and turned my life around. It was great to know that something like that was available to me and these people actually gave a crap about what happened to me. They actually cared about making my life better, not only for me, but for my family, as well. And that’s what was so cool about addiction treatment. Why? Because there really aren’t many other places in the world that you can go to get help for the problems in your life. And, not to mention, there aren’t that many people in the world that even care about what happens to a person or his life or his/her family. That’s why I knew that addiction treatment was for me. When someone cares about you in this uncaring world that we live in you know they’re worth their salt.

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