No sugar coating alcohol treatment

I was a drunk. Some people prefer the term alcoholic, but not me. I feel that if you are as harsh as you can be about your problem, then it will make it easier not to relapse. Right? If you sugar coat something than you’re not really being as real with yourself as you need to be. Sugar coating is denial and denial leads to relapse. I learned that when I went to alcohol treatment. Alcohol treatment is really the only way to help an alcoholic get back to normal That’s just how it is. That’s how it worked for me. I got really bad in my addiction to alcohol and I ended up at alcohol treatment. It sucked but it was what I had to do. Alcohol treatment saved what little of a life that I had left before arriving there. Before arriving at alcohol rehab I had given up on making my life any better and was sure that I would die from my harrowing bout with alcoholism. The treatment I received from alcohol treatment brought me back to life and gave me back what alcoholism had taken from me. Now nothing can stand in my way again.

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